Make Your Own Custom Caps Bobblehead!

Posted January 6, 2014

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Have you ever wanted to immortalize yourself in bobblehead form? How about that, plus including your passion for the Caps? Well, now you have that opportunity. Just recently, the site All Bobble Heads was granted approval by the NHL to make officially licensed custom bobbleheads for any team in the league. So far providing eight different choices, from male to female and from solo to with a friend, you can add yourself to your bobblehead collection as a goalie, forward, or just a fan. These bobbleheads don’t run cheap though, starting at $130, as they are handcrafted and designed specifically to meet your needs.

There are many specifications you can make during the design process to make sure you get exactly what you want. You are allowed a base label inscription (up to 30 characters) allowing you to put your name or “Number #1 Fan.”

For the bobble itself, you can choose things like skin tone, eye color, hair color, and even beard color. For clothing, you’re of course going to be showing of your Caps jersey but there are many other customizable options such as pants color, glasses, name and number, hat, and even shoe color. Many of the options, however, come with additional fees which for $5-$10 and can add up quickly. But for those looking for a unique gift, a custom bobblehead would be a great present for Caps fans of all ages!

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Make a bobblehead of yourself as one of the Caps forwards!


You can even make a bobblehead of yourself celebrating as if you’ve just scored for the Caps!


Even those who play goalie can make a bobblehead of themselves in a Caps sweater!

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