Tale of the Tape: Tom Wilson vs. Marcus Foligno

Posted December 30, 2013

fight graphic toeTom Wilson: 6′ 4″, 210 lbs. 8 Career Regular Season NHL Fights
Marcus Foligno: 6′ 3″, 223 lbs. 9 Career Regular Season NHL Fights

December 29th, 2013. First Niagara Center. 13:49 into the second period. Score Tied 0-0.

This fight all began when Tom Wilson decided to take the form of a Mack Truck. This is the form he takes when he sees Ville Leino, who he apparently does not like very much. As Wilson transforms into a Mack Truck, he plows right through Leino with ease. This angers Foligno, who happens to be really close with Leino. The two have a timeshare together in Cancun, and frequently travel with one another. They also sit together on every plane ride to away games. They watch episodes of Friends. Foligno doesn’t like Friends all that much, but he knows Leino is a big fan, so he puts up with it. But he was not going to put up Wilson treating Leino this way. Foligno throws down his gloves in disgust and invites Wilson on the carousel, and Wilson accepts. And it was on.

The two twirled around five times. Literally twirled in a circle five times. If the two weren’t wearing pads and weren’t gigantic hockey players, and instead two professional ball room dancers, it might actually look a bit romantic. Foligno throws the first punch, which appears to have landed on Wilson’s cheek. He then throws another punch, but it doesn’t land. Wilson gets a nice upper cut on him. Wilson throws a light jab, and Foligno tries to land a big one, but again doesn’t make serious contact. Wilson realized the fight wasn’t all that exciting, and decides to take Foligno down.

Buffalo went on to win the game in the shootout.

And….The winner is….Oh wait….It’s a draw!