Tale of the Tape: Tom Wilson vs. Rich Clune

Posted December 8, 2013

fight graphic toeTom Wilson: Height – 6′ 4″, Weight – 210 lbs, 6 career NHL regular season fights

Rich Clune: Height – 5′ 10″, Weight – 207 lbs, 23 career NHL regular season fights

Verizon Center, December 7, 2013, 16:30 into the 1st period. Caps up 3-0.

This fight started up quickly. This is a classic case of a kid that is being bullied, and stands up for himself. Since Tom Wilson is only 19, he tends to get picked on and teased by the others. Earlier in the day, Rich Clune pushed him into his locker, stole his lunch money and spit spitballs at him. Clune was doing this just to impress his friends. Well, Wilson got sick of it real quick. And it was on.

Clune comes out and pops two quick shots that landed right on Wilson. Wilson answers with his right, cracking Clune right on the nose. They exchange a few blows that are not able to land, and Clune loses his footing. As Clune steps up, Wilson catches him with an upper cut. Wilson holds Clune with his right, and takes a few quick jabs with his left. Clune is desperate to get a few shots on Wilson, but he’s really not able to land any on Wilson, who towers over Clune. Clune’s helmet falls off, and Wilson unloads two powerful hits to the top of Clune’s head, and another uppercut that lands perfectly. Again, Clune desperately tries to get a hit in, but still can’t land one. Wilson gets another shot off on the top of Clune’s head, and pulls Clune in close. Wilson shakes off his pad so he is able to beat Clune’s face in more comfortably. Clune tries to drive Wilson back, and is able to get one more in on Wilson. Wilson must have got angry, because he pounded Clune a couple more times. Clune had enough and fell to the ground, ending the fight.

The Caps went on to win the game 5-2.

And the winner is…..in a unanimous decision…..TOM WILSON