‘Vintage’ Capitals Bobblehead

Posted November 26, 2013

Lets go back to a time where hockey was simpler. There weren’t all of these headshot rules, fighting restrictions, and equipment violations. However, there were still bobbleheads everywhere. The Capitals didn’t get to into the bobblehead scene until a man by the name Jaromir Jagr came to D.C. in 2001. More than ten Jagr bobbleheads were released within the next few years, kicking a craze that has yet to end. Although the whacky wobblers didn’t take off until the turn of the century doesn’t mean they didn’t exist before then. This brings us back to the year 1989 when a company name Skore began producing bobbleheads of all shapes and sizes for teams of every sport, including your Washington Capitals. Our initial discovery of this bobblehead wasn’t even until after we launched our extensive (or so we thought) database of Caps bobbleheads, when our friend Capitals Hill stumped us:

This then sent us off on a quest to find out as much information as possible on this very rare piece. Now fast forward a couple of months to the day of the Fall Caps Blood Drive (Hi Braden Holtby!). An innocent eBay seller posted a 1989 Washington Capitals bobblehead made by Skore, not knowing how rare it was.

After learning that Skore made the bobble, we took to eBay and Google to further search for information. Google returned little to nothing and eBay returned about 40-50 listings of Skore football bobbleheads, and one hockey bobble. Also, there was no trace of anything on the company itself.

After a week the auction ended, the item sold for $100, somewhat of a lower value than expected despite its rarity. Leaving you all with that I’ll now move on to what really matters is the review of this beautiful retro piece.



The bobblehead is made entirely of plastic. It isn’t of any specific player, but back in those days bobbleheads were mostly just generic players with a little grin on their face. It has a big circular stand with a sticker across the bottom that says “Washington Capitals.” The body is very smooth and looks like it has some type of a finish on it, plus a smaller sticker of the same one placed on his chest. The only issue I see is that it doesn’t really match the jerseys worn back then, as it’s more of just a generic pattern with red, white, and blue incorporated into it. He has on blue pants with two red stripes down the middle, and striped socks. He has black and white gloves hold, somewhat unorthodoxly, his hockey stick. To top in all off, he has the signature vintage grin on his face with big brown eyes and his white helmet on. The rarity of this bobble is what really takes the cake in the end. This bobble will be in the company of the Bondra Red Cross bobblehead as being one of the more difficult to find, but that just makes the hunt more exciting. If you have any information on this bobble or any other vintage Capitals bobbleheads feel free to shoot us an e-mail or tweet us with any pictures or information!

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