Player Throw Lets Anyone Pretend They’re a Pro

Posted November 10, 2013

Is it better than a Snuggie? Barely. Will it actually make you a professional hockey player? No, but at least now you can sort of look like one. Introducing the brand spanking new Snuggie V2.0. AKA the “Washington Capitals Unisex Player Comfy Throw.”

For those of you who wish you were and/or looked like a professional hockey player, this is the perfect gift for you. For those of you who pretended they didn’t want a Snuggie, but were secretly overjoyed when someone got one for you as a “joke” (or even those of you who secretly bought one yourself), this is the perfect match.

Whether you actually want this comfy player throw or not, don’t lie, you’ll use it all the time. But that’s OK because we would too. But hurry! These are still in stock on, but who knows for how long they’ll last. Order yours before they’re all gone.

S/T Ted Starkey