Red Rockers Launch New Web Page

Posted October 1, 2013

Photo via the Red Rockers

The Red Rockers, the Washington Capitals’ spirit squad, launched their brand new web page Monday. The site introduces fans to the 2013-2014 squad of lovely ladies with a slew of photos from their July 2013 auditions to their most recent team photos.

The site also includes news about their latest appearances and information about how to request an appearance by the team.

When visiting the Red Rocker web page, fans will see some familiar, friendly faces as well as new additions to the squad. But whether they are newbies or veterans, they are eagerly counting down the days until the first home game.

According to Monumental Sports and Entertainment, the Washington Capitals Red Rockers interact with the crowd at Verizon Center to ensure that all guests have the ultimate game experience. This high-energy entertainment squad is dedicated to helping promote a warm and welcoming environment for Caps fans of all ages.

And with the first home game is just days away, fans are looking forward to it. The Red Rockers are ready! The Caps are ready!

Check out their site and let’s go Caps!

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