More Fun With Nicklas Backstrom Gnomes

Posted February 16, 2013

Photo by Chris Gordon

The semi-early returns are in on the market value of the Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnome that was given away at the Feb. 5 game. It sells for an average of $53 (including shipping) on eBay, based on about 56 sales. Just about every one listed ultimately sells. That’s not a bad price for an item that was given out to approximately 18,000 fans in attendance, and it shows that despite his slow start, Backstrom is still very much loved by fans.

If you missed it, D.C. Sports Bog got quotes from players who commented on the gnome, including Backstrom.

The Backstrom Gnome has not one, but two Twitter accounts:

This video is corny but I appreciate the effort they put into making light of the Backstrom Gnome.