The Caps Lockout Jersey and Other Fun Stuff at Verizon Center

Posted December 6, 2012

Photo by Caps Outsider

Seen at Verizon Center during Thursday night’s AHL Showcase – fan Jon Blumberg wearing a modified jersey especially for the NHL lockout. Even if it was made with tape, there is no jersey foul here. This was amusing.

Just by the sight of things, the Verizon Center still seemed like it was hosting a Caps game, as a good number of fans sported their red Caps jerseys. But it wasn’t unusual to see Bears jerseys and random NHL jerseys like the Rangers and Flyers. We even spotted a Norfolk fan. Weird.

Meanwhile, a few things were clearly missing.

The Horn Guy, Sam Wolk, was without his horn. “It’s locked out,” he told me. Sam without his horn is like Alex Ovechkin without a stick. However, someone else was heard in the background blowing what sounded like the conch from Lord of the Flies.

Then of course, there was the whole ‘Fire Bettman’ crowd chant. No torches and pitchforks, though.

Fans felt some familiarity with the national anthem, as regulars Caleb Green and Bob McDonald performed a duet – for the first time together. They have performed in a quartet, but this was just the two of them singing. McDonald said they had planned on doing this last season during the playoffs before the premature end. Read our interview with McDonald on DC Sports Bog.

Capitals season ticket holders got to pick up their gift. Last year they got bobbleheads. This year? Suitcases.

Lastly, look what made an appearance in Washington. The Calder Cup, last won by the Norfolk Admirals.