Six More Years of Carlsonisms

Posted September 14, 2012

Let’s forget about defenseman John Carlson on the ice for a minute (especially since it’s been many months since we’ve seen anyone on the ice). Carslon, 22, who just signed a six-year, $23.8 million contract with the Washington Capitals on Friday, has provided plenty of off-ice entertainment for fans (and teammates) with his personality alone. Whether his quirkiness is just a show or not, one thing is for certain: He’s fun to observe.

We’ll let Mike Knuble sum him up with a random Tweet:

In a fun interview with teammates, Carlson was picked by many Caps as the one who ‘thinks’ he’s the smartest on the team. His love of fashion is well documented. His exploits with roommate Karl Alzner are documented in featured videos by the Caps. Carlson participates in the yearly charity event Movember, often leading the team in donations, though he can barely grow a mustache (something that’s just begging for a ribbing if it weren’t in support of cancer research). He’s made his dislike of the movie Battleship well known on his Twitter account. Twice.

“Just the way he carries himself, he’s pretty cocky and he’s got a right to be,” said Troy Brouwer. With the new contract, now even more so.

Now that he’ll definitely be in town for a while, let’s expect to see a lot more interviews, deep thoughts on Twitter, videos with Alzner, and funny verbal jabs by teammates.