We’re Still Fans

Posted May 5, 2011

When the team we live and breath fizzles out in embarrassing fashion amid extremely high expectations, the offseason gives us time to reassess our priorities. After all, we’ve spent too much time and too much money on what can only be described as a hobby that has only managed to break our hearts. While the Eastern Conference championships, Penguin hunting afternoons, cyberspace chat sessions and red rockin’ get-togethers have made for enjoyable journeys, this destination known as Stanley is looking more difficult than ever to find.

The Washington Capitals organization has done absolutely nothing to dissuade us from coming back for more (unlike, say, the Redskins). What are we going to do instead, stop liking hockey? Become Flyers fans? Spend our time doing volunteer work? No. We’ll put on our Ovechkin jerseys, go to Verizon Center, and bask in the excitement this team has delivered the past several seasons, and will continue providing for years to come. This is who we are. We are Caps fans.

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