Top Ten Reasons Why Ovechkin Is Slumping

Posted January 18, 2011

Despite a goal in Tuesday’s 3-2 loss, Alex Ovechkin is on pace to have his worst regular season in terms of points. So here are ten reasons why we believe he is slumping this season.

10 Sick of Jeff Schultz mooching plus-ratings off his scoring.

9 Mad about power outages and refuses to score during the Pepco-sponsored power play.

8 Really, really stung by Damien Cox’s bitter quips in The Ovechkin Project.

7 Unselfishly wants his buddy Alexander Semin to pass him in scoring to help him land a larger contract.

6 Saving it up for what really matters: The 2014 Olympics.

5 Frustrated in all his attempts to top ‘The Goal.’

4 No more room on the shelf for Pearson/Lindsay awards.

3 Deflated that HBO cut all his funniest moments from 24/7.

2 Never met the President after winning the Presidents’ Trophy.

1 Saving it up for an OvechTrick.