Delayed Entrance to the Alumni Game

Posted December 31, 2010

My wife and I arrived around 8:30 AM, to pick-up our tickets from Will Call, in order to catch the highly anticipated Alumni Game. We casually checked out the Fan Fest that was going on, and just after 9:00 AM we decided to make our way into the stadium for the 9:30 game. Unfortunately we were not aware that only one gate was being utilized for entry, and half an hour later, after battling an increasingly frustrated crowd, we still had not made our way safely inside. The crowd grew restless, began voicing their displeasure, and pushing forward. The security screeners eventually gave up, and let the hoard through, but all tickets still needed to be scanned. We did finally get to our seats about halfway through the first period. The two photos after the jump were taken at 9:40 AM, showing the crowd that had yet to be admitted into the Stadium.