Another 100 for Ovie

Posted March 29, 2010

Source: Yardbarker

One hundred points these days means a lot, and Alex Ovechkin getting it for the fourth time in five years is quite remarkable.

But it’s business as usual for Ovie and something we’ve come to expect. However, something about his stats this year still seems… off. While missing ten games certainly contributes to that, there still seems to be something odd going on this year. Let’s look:

  • With 46 goals, he’s equaled his career low. If he would’ve got, say, five more had he played in those ten games, and three more in the next few, he’d be at 54 which seems like his pace. But at this point in his career, particularly after scoring 65 a couple of years ago, would we have been surprised if he was gunning for 70 around now?
  • He’s equaled his career-high in assists (which is at a much faster pace than previous seasons) but the numbers aren’t staggering.
  • His shots on goal average is way down compared to last season, from 528 to 338. Even with the ten extra games, plus the remaining ones, he’s still way off pace. Again, would we have been surprised if he was up to 550 this season?
  • His penalty minutes are up per game, significantly. Plus, two suspensions.
  • He has a career-low in power play goals.
  • His points-per-game average is way up as is his plus/minus. Now we’re impressed.

Ovie is still in the hunt for an Art Ross and Rocket Richard trophy, and he seems to do nothing but amaze us, time and time again. Is there anything truly amazing he’s done this season in terms of his individual statistics? Maybe points per game and plus/minus, but it’s never a sure thing that those extra ten games would’ve been average had he played them.

Let’s hope for an Ovechkin point-scoring binge in the remaining games to make a statement for MVP. This, and the President’s Trophy, are the only milestones to root for before the playoffs as the Capitals gun for the Stanley Cup.