Rock the Red, Playoff Style

Posted April 15, 2009


This photo was taken at the beginning of the third period. Not all of the fans were back to their seats yet, but I think you get the idea. The phone booth is a sea of RED tonight. This promotion of rocking the red which started during last year’s playoff run has been embraced by the fans, and carried through all season. Now with the playoffs starting, it has reached a new level. The Capitals have installed new red rope lights around the outside of the boards, and some additional red spotlights. And the fans? Well they keep buying jerseys, which was probably a little bit of the point in the first place. While last season it may have been unfashionable to walk into this place wearing the old black capital dome sweater, now its complete intolerable. Red towels were given out before the game, just like last year, but the frenzy of the crowd, and the sea of red just keeps on growing. Slapshot and Mike Green even have their playoff mohawks. This is an arena that nobody in the NHL would want to come into right now. Everyone is in red, except the Mayor.