Ovie for MVP

Posted April 11, 2009

041109_ovechkincoverNow that the season is over, let’s congratulate once again Alex Ovechkin for another remarkable season. Sure, he only had 56 goals this year, as opposed to 65 last year, but he still led the league, thus earning his second consecutive Rocket Richard Trophy. However, with the difference in goals this year, he also had 7 more assists, which in total comes to a 2 point difference between this year and last year (he also played in 3 fewer games this season).

As for Evgeni Malkin, who led the league in total points, he had 21 fewer goals, but 24 more assists, thus a 3 point difference while playing 3 more games. I’d argue that goal scoring ultimately is more important than assists. They don’t give out the Adam Oates award for most assists in the season. So let’s just say that, even though Malkin led the league in points, Ovie was the better player. After all, Ovie had 10 game winners to Malkin’s 4, 5 more power play goals than Malkin (they tied for assists with 27 in that category). And shots? Not even close. Ovechkin had 528 shots, the second most in NHL history. Second place this year goes to Eric Staal, who had 368. That’s a 160 shot lead, folks, about 2 extra shots a game!

Oh yeah… Ovechkin was also No. 9 in the league in hits, which is remarkable for a scorer.

My only knock on Ovie – he led the league in giveaways (Malkin was 11th), while Malkin led the league in takeaways. Ovie also led the league (by a lot) in missed shots (shots that went wide).

Regardless, I think Ovie has made his case for a second MVP award. Better luck next time, Malkin!