Ovechkin, Cooley shoot new Eastern Motors commercial

Posted March 8, 2009

Eastern Motors is a local D.C. area car dealership that’s probably famous for two things. One is their rap remix theme song and the other is their love of utilizing D.C. athletes in their commercials. I think this ad featuring Clinton Portis among others is still memorable in some people’s minds (Although maybe not as memorable as Jonathan Ogden dancing and laughing to Gebco Insurance):

Well Alexander Oveckhin and Chris Cooley got together for the latest Eastern ad, and even engaged in a little friendly competition on set. If AO can make 7 out of 10 shots, Cooley is forced to do some push-ups. And the duo followed up the first bet by another one doubling the stakes. Check it out…

And for added fun, he’s a compilation of the destruction they wreaked on set….