The Goal, The Sequel

Posted February 19, 2009

Alex Ovechkin scored another ridiculous goal last night. We had previously shared with you “The Goal” from Ovechkin’s rookie season. Then for the Breakaway Challenge at the All-Star game, we showed you Alex’s recreation of “The Goal”. We now present to you, “The Sequel”. Not sure if the name will stick, but that is what I have seen Caps bloggers calling it this morning.

Yeah, he is that good. The behind the back pass to himself off of the boards was one thing, but then he gets hauled down and stick handles it and shoots while falling. Keep in mind that this is against Carey Price, one of the best goalies in the league. Do you think the Montreal fans are now realizing that maybe Ovechkin deserved a nod in the All-Star game over Alexei Kovalev? Or how about Mike Green over Komisarek and Markov? Open your eyes frenchies.

Here is the local DC version, with additional replays:

This is Alex Ovechkin’s league, he just allows everyone else to play with him.