Ovechkin Bobblehead Honors His 2013 MVP Season

Posted December 11, 2013

Photos via Caps Hill

Alex Ovechkin caught fire in the shortened 2012-13 NHL season, where the revitalization of his goal scoring ability, thanks in large part to Coach Adam Oates, earned him two very nice pieces of hardware (again). One was the Hart Trophy, which is given to the player who was most valuable to his team in the regular season. The other was the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy, which is given to the player who scores the most goals in the regular season.

Though Ovechkin’s personal accomplishments in 2013 don’t compare to his 2008 and 2009 seasons when he also won these trophies, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a commemorative bobblehead. And here it is.

This Forever Collectibles bobblehead hit the shelves at Verizon Center and once again it’s of the Great Eight surrounded by some hardware. A beardless Ovechkin stands on top of a nice base with “Capitals” and “Ovechkin” written across the bottom. Also written on the base are “Maurice Richard Trophy” and “Hart Memorial Trophy,” but most of the lettering is covered up by Ovi’s skates and the Richard Trophy which Ovi is touching with his right hand. This is the first bobblehead I’ve seen incorporate the Rocket Richard, and Forever Collectibles does not disappoint with the detail. In his right hand, Ovi is holding his third Hart Memorial Trophy which doesn’t lack detail as well.

Ovi trophy bobblehead (Brendan Sheridan)

Ovi trophy bobblehead (Brendan Sheridan)

Ovi trophy bobblehead (Brendan Sheridan)

Ovi trophy bobblehead (Brendan Sheridan)

This great piece comes at a price of $30 so don’t miss out on picking up this commemorative bobblehead Caps fans as there are only 288 available!

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Brendan Sheridan contributed to this post.

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