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Thank You, Bruce Boudreau

Posted November 28, 2011

Photo by Capitals Outsider

Other than Joe Gibbs, I can’t think of any other Washington area professional coach in recent memory who became as loved as Bruce Boudreau. Though he was fired as the Capitals head coach on Monday, he won’t be forgotten in this city any time soon.

Here are my favorite moments involving me and Boudreau:

1) The time I got him to curse during a press conference.

2) The time he made me change the channel at The Gardens Ice House so he could watch golf (after not being able to find the station himself).

3) The time I asked him about Matt Cooke and he went off on a rant that became widely quoted.

Thank you, Bruce Boudreau, for turning the Washington Capitals into a winning franchise again. We here at Capitals Outsider have mad respect for you and wish you nothing but the best.



Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champs Gear