Caps Global Fan Series- Grant Green (Fife, Scotland)

Posted March 23, 2020

The nation of Scotland has an interesting connection to the sport of ice hockey. With the sport originating from stick and ball games in the United Kingdom and the word ‘puck’ deriving from the Scottish Gaelic ‘puc’ (to poke, punch or deliver a blow), Scotland seems the perfect place for an Ice Hockey following. For 27 year old Fife resident Grant Green, his love of the hard hitting sport began when he attended his first live game, watching the Fife Flyers in the UK’s elite hockey league. “I fell in love with the faced paced, lightning action of the game” he said. He, like many fans outside of North America was introduced to the Mighty Ducks films which put hockey on the radar for many international sports lovers (including former Capital and Australian hockey icon Nathan Walker).

In 2016, Grant turned his attention to the NHL but no team really appealed to him at first. “In the UK, a few people support the usual ones, Hawks, Leafs and Penguins” he said. But the Capitals stuck out to me. I read up on them and they seemed like the team for me” he continued. This prompted a trip to the US in 2017 and on Grant’s agenda was a Capitals vs Penguins match up in DC. “I loved every minute of it” he said. I was made to feel so welcomed by an older fan who was a season ticket holder” He continued. It was that game that peaked Grant’s interest in Capitals Hockey and the same week, a fire was ignited as he returned to watch the Capitals take on the Oilers.

2018 was a special year for Capitals fans around the world but when it came to the Stanley Cup run, Grant faced the most challenging aspect of following the Capitals from afar. The time difference. In Australia, games are a morning affair over coffee and breakfast but for UK followers such as Grant, some long nights go hand in hand with hockey fandom. “Most eastern games face off around midnight here and road games between 2-3am” he said. When work isn’t beckoning the next day, you can be sure that Grant will find himself up and watching the Caps from home.

Every year since his introduction to the Caps in 2017, Grant has made the trip back to DC to catch a string of home games which included 4 games in 2019. He loves the community nature of the organisation and the fans he has met along his journey. “The fans I’ve met online or at Capital One have all been so warm and welcoming” he said. “I love the fact that I we are building our own Capitals fan community here in the UK” he concluded.

Grant is an example about how passion for the Capitals extends far beyond the arena and even the city of DC. Caps fans come from everywhere and at a time where community is more important than ever, he is leading the way for connections through hockey.