Caps Global Fan Series- Stephanie Breckenridge (Virginia, USA)

Posted January 26, 2020

When it comes to professional hockey, the fans live and breathe the highs and lows of their local clubs with pride, with every win or loss. Whether they are bottom of the standings and rebuilding, or riding the high of a Stanley Cup Championship, fans from around the world are with the players, coaches and management every step of the way. This new ‘Global Caps Fan Series’ aims to celebrate the faces and personalities of Capitals fans both at home and around the globe.

Starting relatively close to home, Stephanie Breckenridge hails from Virginia and is relatively new to hockey as a sport but now considers the Capitals as one which is particularly close to her heart.

Stephanie is currently finishing school and is looking to move into the world of Cyber Security, living in Virginia with her 8 year old son. She was introduced to hockey approximately 18 months ago after meeting her hockey playing boyfriend. The games were fast paced and Stephanie began to take a liking to what is commonly known as the fastest sport on earth. So for a Virginian, the next logical step would be to head along to a Caps game. That is exactly what happened and Stephanie was hooked from her first Caps game day experience.

The intensity of the sport is one thing that Stephanie loves about being a hockey fan and feels that the Caps bring that in spades. “One thing I really enjoy about being a Caps fan is the intensity we have at games” she said. “It is also so much fun seeing other Caps fans at away games” she continued.

Aside from their on-ice skills, the Capitals are well known for their connection to the DC community and always make time for their fans and local organisations. It was this connection to community that grabbed Stephanie’s attention when she began following the team. “The Caps organisation is special to me because they are always looking out for their community” Stephanie said. “They are really hard working guys and still find time in their schedules to give back” she continued.

For Stephanie, Capitals game day experiences are now a family affair with her brother Charlie now onboard as a Capitals fan. Her boyfriend remains a Detroit Red Wings fan which provides some friendly rivalry.
Stay tuned weekly to Capitals Outsider for our next ‘Global Fan Series’ Episode. With fans from around the world, the next one could be from anywhere!

Global Caps Fan Series