Nathan Walker Clears Waivers, Returns to Hershey

Posted November 5, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

This time, Caps forward Nathan Walker cleared waivers, as he’ll return to Hershey to give the Bears a much-needed boost.

Last year, the first player from Australia was waived but claimed by the Edmonton Oilers. He played for them briefly before returning to Washington, and even contributed with a vital assist in the final game in the series against the Penguins in last season’s playoffs. While that was awesome, it wasn’t enough to get his name on the Stanley Cup, nor did the Cup make it to Australia.

Walker is one of those players fans want around for sentimental reasons. He’s simply an awesome dude, and that Australian blood has folks from the other end of the globe rooting for the Caps.

Unfortunately, he’s not getting much playing time in Washington and there’s little reason to keep him around, especially with Travis Boyd and soon Tom Wilson coming back.

Just like the fans, we here at Caps Outsider are rooting for Walker to somehow claim a permanent spot on the Caps and thrive. But that moment isn’t now.