T.J. Oshie Uses These Helmet Liners

Posted November 2, 2018

Attention hockey players, and folks who sweat a lot while wearing hats: Caps winger T.J. Oshie uses these sweat and helmet liners, made by NoSweat. Obviously, these things absorb liquids, and quickly. I checked these out myself, pouring water onto one and then feeling it a moment later – it was dry. Then I stuck them in my hockey helmet and felt the difference as I played.

Oshie has been using them since 2016, then invested in them in July, 2017. He uses them while playing, as do some of his teammates. He even tried playing a game without it in the 2017 playoffs, noticed the difference, and started using them again.

Check them out here: nosweatco.com

All In A Day's Work | NHL Athlete – TJ Oshie

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Posted by NoSweat on Thursday, October 5, 2017