Ovechkin Nets Another Two, Says “It’s All About Luck”

Posted October 17, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

After Alex Ovechkin scored another two goals in the Caps’ 4-3 overtime victory against the Rangers on Wednesday, he took a few questions from the media. We asked the same questions we usually do, and the answers weren’t too surprising.

Things were clicking tonight, right? “It’s fun to play like that, to be honest with you. When Nicky and Kuzy feeling the puck well, they can find you at the right time and the right place, same as Johnny.”

After scoring twice, how badly does he want the third? “If I get it, it would be nice. I had a good chance, I hit the cross bar.”

Does it amaze you that they know what you’re going to do on the power play yet you still score?

Then he threw us a curve ball.

“It’s all about luck,” Ovi said, then thanked everyone and left.

Luck, Ovi? Ha. Evgeny Kuznetsov often says whatever magic trick he does out on the ice is luck, but it’s not common hearing that from Ovi. While we believe he was just saying something to end the interview, the fact that he even said it is news to us.

Now, watch this luck: