Tom Wilson Brings Stanley Cup to His Childhood Rink

Posted August 5, 2018

Baby in the Cup! (Caps Outsider). 

TORONTO – Caps winger Tom Wilson brought the Stanley Cup back to his hometown rink on Saturday afternoon to celebrate in an arena that meant so much to him. Wilson was welcomed to North Toronto Arena with a banner of him raising the Stanley Cup next to a banner of Hockey Hall of Famer Eric Lindros.

Wilson also received a new North Toronto jersey.

“I came in yesterday to kind of check it out, actually,” Wilson said. “It’s an unbelievable moment for me. To look up in your old rink, from where you played everyday as a kid, to see a banner of you lifting the Stanley Cup, it’s a surreal moment.”

Wilson brought the Cup to the North Toronto Arena because it’s where his oldest hockey memories are.  In addition, he wanted to share it with those he is closest with and those who helped him get to where he is today.

“For me as an individual, the best part of playing in the NHL and coming back to play the Leafs, coming to North Toronto with the Stanley Cup, winning the Stanley Cup, the best part for me is sharing it with your family and friends and seeing how excited everybody gets. Those people are so important to me, and that’s why it’s such a great moment when you can share with friends and family. It’s a great moment if you go win the Stanley Cup, but without your friends and family, the people you love to share with, it wouldn’t be the same.”

At the event, Wilson met Brock, who is a patient ambassador for SickKids, a renowned children’s hospital in Toronto. Brock was a hockey player when one day is mom said he looked thin. He went to the doctor hoping all he needed was some protein shakes. Instead, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and would need a transplant at the young age of 11. Brock, now 12, is healthy and is looking to return to the ice. Brock would get a special jersey from Wilson that he would later autograph.

Wilson wanted to make Brock’s day special, and asked the Hockey Hall of Fame workers traveling with him and the Cup for a history lesson. When Brock came inside the locker room, Wilson gave that lesson to Brock.

Wilson also wanted to share the Cup with fans.

Of course, no Cup event would be complete without a baby in it.

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