The Capitals’ Fanbase Is More Than Just the DMV

Posted June 6, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

When it comes to sports in the DC area, many folks are split. Some may be more into the Orioles and Ravens, while some are Nationals and Redskins fans. When it comes to hockey, and this historic run, the DMV is united. In fact, while the exact boundaries of the DMV are debatable, many do not consider Baltimore and Richmond as part of it. Yet those communities still bleed red for the Caps.

For Game 4, Washington was the number one market for TV viewership with Baltimore and Richmond, coming in at three and four respectively.

The teams and towns in this 150 mile stretch between Baltimore and Richmond are joining in on the fun.

Wherever you are along this 150 mile stretch of interstate 95, and the surrounding areas, you are in Caps country. The Capitals are approaching a historic end to a historic run. If win number 16 does come, you can bet this hockey highway will be watching and celebrating. Not as three different cities, but rather one region that has come alive to support a historic run.