Alex Ovechkin’s Last Two Overtime Goals

Posted January 3, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

When Alex Ovechkin was winding up a marathon shift in overtime on Tuesday, taking one last shot before he presumably would have skated to the bench, I thought I was watching a rerun. And when the puck went in, and Caps fans were losing their minds, I thought to myself: “I knew it.”

Ovechkin did the same thing just a couple of weeks ago, against the Ducks.

“I was tired, obviously,” Ovechkin said after the Anaheim game. “But I’ll take it.”

First, here’s his overtime goal from last night.

Note the similarity with his goal on December 16th :

Sure, one was a fake slap shot and then a wrist shot, and the other was a slap shot that deflected a little, but both came at the end of long shifts in overtime from the top of the circle. This is now Ovi’s overtime spot, since his ‘office’ is usually closed in overtime.

Either way, come on, Ovi. Show us something we haven’t seen before. Score a goal sliding on your head. Score shooting lefty. Do the Michigan. We need highlights that don’t appear to be the same play on a continuous loop.

(I’m kidding, folks. #ovirules #rockthered)