At Least Nathan Walker Scored…

Posted September 18, 2017

(via Scott Payonk)

While preseason means exactly nothing to most fans, us hockey wonks watch intently as we nitpick every last detail of every player, work out the details in our head (or on our blog) to determine how that player would be best utilized, then argue on Twitter how much an idiot the coach is for not doing exactly what we suggested. While we won’t go so far to say Nathan Walker deserves an opening night roster spot after his performance in a in a 4-1 loss to New Jersey on Monday, we will say he’s doing what he needs to make it happen.

Caps and Bears fans have been watching the Australian native for four years now. In fact, the Bears had him on the team before the Caps even drafted him, so it’s obvious the Caps have plans for the 23-year old sparkplug.

Fans shouldn’t be discouraged, though, if Walker doesn’t make the opening night roster, as he’ll likely be on a short list of players called up when opportunity knocks. But he, like other young players, needs to constantly prove himself to keep that spot. Like the other youngsters, Walker is in a position where even a short stretch of no production could get him sent back to Hershey.

“A little cross and drop there with Lars,” Walker said of his shorthanded goal he scored in 12 minutes of play. Even if the preseason game was forgettable, Walker took another stride to becoming the first Australian player in the NHL.

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