Ovi Ovi Everywhere!

Posted February 5, 2017

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

It was Ovi, Ovi, Ovi as far as the eye could see at Verizon Center Sunday. Every seat in the arena was adorned with an Alex Ovechkin cutout to celebrate his 1,000th NHL point.  Fans in attendance were excited to receive the cool #Ovech1Kin momento when they reached their seat. Printed on the back of each cutout is an exclusive Snapchat Snapcode that will allow fans to unlock a commemorative #Ovech1Kin Snapchat geofilter. Fans not attending Sunday’s ceremony can unlock the Snapcode by following the Capitals’ official social media accounts. Upon scanning the Snapcode, the filter will stay on the users’ device for one hour, although users can scan as many times as they’d like throughout the week of Sunday, February 5 thru Saturday, February 12.

Diane Muldowney and Christy Denham from Wilderness Elementary School show up to Rock the Red.

#Ovech1Kin for days!

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Even Charlie made a T-shirt to commemorate the event.