Brendan Witt Lapel Pin

Posted August 19, 2016
brendan witt pin

Once upon a time, defenseman Brendan Witt manned the Caps’ blueline. Mr. @whitemooseranch was a fan favorite, which the Caps officially acknowledged with a giveaway. This being before bobbleheads took over stadium giveaways (except for obvious choices, like Chris Simon), the Caps gave him something that most players never got made: Souvenir lapel pins.

Question for the readers: Does anyone remember when this was given away? Witt was drafted by the Caps and played with them from 1995–96 to 2005–06, and they had the jersey shown on the pin during this period.

While NHL team lapel pins are easily found, there are few individual players who have one. This means Mr. Witt and Miss Piggy have something in common:


Here’s our interview with Witt a few years ago.