Brooks Orpik Gets Career High in Goals

Posted February 26, 2016

(Caps Outsider)

Defenseman Brooks Orpik scored his third goal of the season Friday, a career high. While 3 goals in a season doesn’t sound like much, consider this:

  • It took him 13 seasons to do this. He’s 35. He’s never had more than two in a season.
  • He missed 40 games this season due to an injury.
  • He scored the 3 goals in 20 games this season. It took him a minimum of 64 games just to get 2 in previous seasons.
  • He scored his first-career game winner last Saturday against the Devils.
  • Since returning to the lineup on Feb. 16, he’s got six points in six games – the most he’s scored in six games in his career.

Welcome back to the line-up, Orpik.