Tale of the Tape: Taylor Chorney vs. Nick Bonino

Posted December 15, 2015

Taylor Chorney: Height – 6-foot-1, Weight – 190 lbs. 0 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Nick Bonino: Height – 6-foot-1, Weight – 196 lbs. 0 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Consol Energy Center, Dec. 15, 2015. 17:25 into the second period. Caps up 2-1

All Taylor Chorney wanted was a tribute video. As a former Penguin, he expected it, but it never came.

Nick Bonino knew how much a tribute video meant to Chorney, so he pointed and laughed when it became pretty apparent one would never come.

So Chorney had to beat his face in.

This fight was both Chorney and Bonino’s first ever in the NHL. Chorney had one in a NHL preseason game, but do those really count?

Anyways, you’d think it’d just be a bad fight, kind of like a Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao-type fight. Nope. It was brief, but both guys threw some heavy punches.

Chorney, being the angrier of the two, threw the first big one, and clocked Bonino right in the cheek. Chorney then snuck in an uppercut and quickly followed it with another big blow. Bonino quickly answered, knocking Chorney down. Bonino tried to get in a couple while he had the opportunity to do so, but Chorney quickly bounced up and started like push-mashing Bonino’s face. The two do a quick little twist and twirl, and they fall to the ground.

And….the winner is…Taylor Chorney! Don’t worry about your tribute video, Chorney. We here in DC like you.