Presenting the 2015-16 Red Rockers Spirit Squad!

Posted August 1, 2015

Photos by Bruce Andrew Peters. Check out his site at and his Facebook page

The final audition day began early Saturday with individual interviews.  The finalists appeared polished and professional as they arrived at Verizon Center to be interviewed by the judges.

“It’s always a difficult decision,” said Tyler Hines, Game Entertainment Manager. “The quality of the finalists is very high.  I wish we could keep them all. The personal interviews are a great chance to get to know them, and the dance will show who practiced and is dedicated.”

Laura M., a rookie finalist from Arlington, VA talked about her very first experience being interviewed to be a Red Rocker.

“I felt it went well.  The judges were amazing and I felt a connection right off the bat,” said Laura.  “I was so nervous, but they put me at ease.  I had gotten to know many of them during the past two weeks.”

Emily S. from York, PA. is a huge Caps fan. “I was really nervous since it was my first time auditioning, but I think it went pretty well.  I think I was myself and answered the questions honestly.”

But what are the judges actually looking for during the interviews with the finalists?  Game Entertainment Coordinator, Connor Leipold, shed some light on the process.

“It is very informal.  There’s no list of specific questions, just a natural conversation,” explained Leipold.  “For a vet, we might ask something like what they would change or improve upon for next year.  For a rookie, we might ask what they feel they could bring to the team.”

At the conclusion of the interview portion of the audition, the finalists quickly changed into dancewear. They broke into small groups to perform a dance routine for the judges choreographed by Coach Michelle Dee. The finalists had the opportunity to learn and practice the routine with Dee at two mandatory practices on July 22 and July 29 at Sport & Health: Crystal Gateway in Arlington, VA.

The finalists had one last chance to wow the judges with their dancing skills and enthusiasm.  Hines, Leipold, Coach Dee, joined by Erin Magee (In-Game Host), Joe Dupriest (Chief Marketing Officer for Monumental Sports and Entertainment) and Mike Hutchinson (VP of Marketing for the Capitals) made up the team of judges.  After the last group performed, they deliberated for about an hour as the ladies waited anxiously for the team to be announced.

Finally, the judges emerged from behind closed doors with their decision. Hines spoke to the group.

“This has been a long process and we feel we really got to know all of you,” he began.  “We have decided to keep a team of 21 Red Rockers for this year.  This is the largest team we’ve ever had, which shows how great this group is.  We chose who we thought would be the right fit for this season.  If you don’t make it, please come back next year and knock our socks off.”

And, with that the 2015-16 Red Rocker Spirit Squad was announced!

Congratulations to the new team, and be sure to visit the Red Rockers at all Washington Capital home games. It looks like an exciting season ahead! Let’s Go Caps!

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Photo by Bruce Andrew Peters.