Someone Bought the Steve Oleksy vs. Derek Mathers Squirrels

Posted March 12, 2015

Photos via Teeters’ Taxidermy Studio

For those of you who missed it, taxidermied squirrels posed in a fight between Hershey Bears captain Steve Oleksy and Lehigh Valley Phantoms Derek Mathers was listed on eBay the other day, on sale for $600.

The seller verified that someone from New York bought it for the listed price.

“…Out of all the unique things that I’ve seen and I’ve signed and things like that, that’s got to top them all,” Oleksy told Tim Leonne.

Here’s the weird part. There’s no record of Oleksy fighting Mathers. Perhaps it should’ve been Liam O’Brien vs. Mathers. The squirrels are real, and the item was made by Teeters’ Taxidermy Studio. Needless to say, there is a very happy person in New York who owns one of the most unique pieces of art that involves Oleksy.