Curtis Glencross : Chuckwagon Driver

Posted March 3, 2015

Photo borrowed from Colleen De Neve / Calgary Herald

If you look closely at the photograph above, you may notice the cowboy on the left is Curtis Glencross, the newest Washington Capital. Whenever the Caps add a new member to the family, we like to look them up on Wikipedia. When reading about Glencross, we came upon the following nugget of goodness :

While Glencross grew up around the rodeo circuit, he did not enter into the sport until he met World Professional Chuckwagon Association driver Rae Croteau Jr. in 2005. He became interested in chuckwagon racing at the time, and while he does not race, Glencross was a part of Croteau’s team in 2007 and 2008, helping around the stables.


Capitals Outsider has neither the sources nor the resources to scout chuckwagon racing, so we’ve had to rely on other publications for photographic proof and quotes on the topic. A CBC Sports article from 2008 serves as a great source of information about Chuckwagon Curtis :

“It’s something a little different,” Glencross told me at the barns, as the buzz of pre-race activity was beginning to increase. “You meet a lot of good people. Hanging out in the barns with the horses, and just the atmosphere around here, it’s awesome.”

This television segment from his days in Edmonton provides a great look at Glencross and the sport of Chuckwagon Racing :

A little further digging into the world of Chuckwagon Racing unearthed another former Capital who spent some quality time in the barns as well…

Glencross isn’t the only current or former National Hockey League player who surfaces around the wagon camps during the summer. Tiger Williams is a frequent visitor to the Jerry Bremner barn and D.J. King hangs out on the Canadian Pro circuit. “Yeah, D.J. is with St. Louis, we have the same agent and we both have friends in chuckwagons so it’s kind of neat,” adds Glencross.


It appears that in recent years Glencross has spent more time in the off-season with his family than behind the reins of a Chuckwagon or in a barn shoveling shit, but he still makes an occasional appearance with his buddy Croteau. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to ask him for an update on the Chuckwagon circuit in the future, but for now we’ll leave you with this video about the 3rd Annual Invitational Charity Roughstock Event that Glencross hosted last August :