Young Brothers, Both Blind, Meet Caps and Imitate John Walton

Posted February 23, 2015

(Caps Outsider)

Not only did the Caps show a lot of heart on the ice Saturday with a big win over the Islanders, they showed a lot of heart after the game as they greeted two very special fans. Two brothers, Brendan, 13, and Cameron, 10, from Leesburg, VA were accompanied by Caps’ owner Ted Leonsis and their dad as they met their heroes in the Caps’ locker room.

The boys are blind, so they follow the games by listening to John Walton’s play-by-play on the radio.  They even gave their rendition of Walton’s famous “Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Night!” for the players.  Many players spent a lot of time chatting with the kids and signing their Caps’ hats. Brooks Laich was the first one to greet the young, enthusiastic fans, and the kids were ecstatic.  They were especially excited to talk to Braden Holtby.  The kids praised him for his consistent work and repeatedly told him, “Keep up the consistency!”

“Very sweet family,” Leonsis, who met them while walking around Verizon Center before the game, told Caps Outsider. Unfortunately, Walton was still on the air and didn’t get to meet the boys.

It was truly heartwarming to see how sweet and attentive the players were to two children who got the thrill of their lives on a very cold, very snowy day. As the Caps retreated to their postgame rituals, the young brothers still smiling ear to ear yelled one last thing, “We’ll be cheering for you!”

I’m sure they will.