Tale of The Tape: Liam O’Brien vs. Deryk Engelland

Posted November 4, 2014

Liam O’Brien – 6’1″, 205 lbs. 2 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Deryk Engelland – 6’2″, 215 lbs. 38 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

November 4th, 2014. 5:16 into the second period. Caps tied 1-1.

“Hey, that’s a nice mustache,” Liam O’Brien yelled over to Deryk Engelland. It really was. Engelland is growing one out for the Movember campaign. It’s for a good cause.

“Thanks, yours sucks,” Engelland replied.

Well, that was uncalled for, O’Brien thought. O’Brien had just started to grow his out, and he thought it was coming in pretty nicely. So he yelled out to Engellend….

“I just started to grow it out, I think it is coming in pretty nicely,”

“No it’s not, you can’t even see it,” Engelland answered.

This infuriated O’Brien. He had a nice mustache. Nobody insults his mustache.

Engelland had to pay. So O’Brien did what he does best. He fought Engelland. Over his mustache.

The two grab ahold of each other, and just unload. Rock ’em Bop ’em style. O’Brien kind of ducks his head down and throws his punches aimlessly, though most of them appear to land. Engelland choses to keep his head up, so he can more precisely throw his bombs. After exchanging multiple blows, Engelland has the wise idea to start throwing some uppercuts, and they prove to be devastating.  He gets some room, and O’Brien has no choice but to grab ahold of Engelland, and the fight abruptly ends.

And…the winner is…..by a unanimous decision…..Deryk Engelland……But at least O’Brien knows how to take care of his mustache….


Also, he’s kind of winning in the Caps Movember team, by a lot. What does Engelland know anyway?