Tale of the Tape: Liam O’Brien vs. Matt Hendricks

Posted October 22, 2014

Liam O’Brien – 6’1″, 205 lbs. 2 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Matt Hendricks – 6’0″, 211 lbs. 57 Career NHL

October 22nd, 2014. 13:29 into the first period. Score tied 1-1.

Matt Hendricks smiled when he woke up this morning.

He knew he was going to be able to see his old buddies. Alex Ovechkin was in town, he could mess with Jason Chimera and Joel Ward. It was going to be a good day.

He walked through the halls of the Rexall arena, bumping into John Carlson and Karl Alzner. They joked and laughed, and caught up with one another.

Hendricks walked into the locker room, all smiles. He was excited to just play the game he loved against some old friends.

The puck drops.

Everything’s going well. Both sides exchange goals, it’s a good competitive game.

Hendricks loves to hit. Loves it. He sees Michael Latta in a vulnerable position. Perfect, Hendricks says to himself. I never played with him. So…BOOM…Hendricks lights him up.

But he did it in front of Liam O’Brien. Like Hendricks once did for the Red, White and Blue, O’Brien protects everyone. Like Latta, O’Brien never played with Hendricks. All he saw was a guy in the wrong color hit a guy in the right color. So he pounced, knocking Hendricks right on his butt.

Hendricks jumped up. The two glare in each others eyes, each guys primal instinct slowly creeping in. Hendricks didn’t want to fight his former team. And no one wanted O’Brien to fight a former teammate. Latta understood the situation, you can see him skate over to O’Brien and say “No, don’t do it O’Brien. He used to be one of us” at the 58 second mark. But both disregarded the respect. And it was on.

The two exchanged what was surely one of the most aggressive three second hugs ever. The two just went Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot on each other for like four seconds. Just going full on offense, not much defense. O’Brien wasn’t about to just take 100s of blows to his Irish dome, and quickly decided to just take Hendricks down. And it was over.

And the winner is….WAIT….It’s a tie….I just can’t pick between these two guys.