Bulldogging in LA 2: The Stanley Cup Finals

Posted June 12, 2014

Let’s Go Caps! Wait, what do you mean they aren’t playing, why am I even here?

So, the NHL decided to continue with the playoffs without my Capitals, rude.  I’d always said I liked the LA Kings in the Western Conference and here they are, in the Stanley Cup Finals after surviving 3 rounds of 7 games.  I’d wondered, what if a local team in Southern California made it to the finals, would I go?  Should I go to experience the atmosphere of a Cup Finals game?  The answer was easy, I’d be crazy not to.  I’m loaded up and this time we allot 3 hours for driving the 120 miles from San Diego to LA, plenty of time to fight the LA Traffic Kraken.

It wasn’t enough, I got there 30 mins later than I wanted.  With festivities in full swing, I sought out a cool spot out of the sun.  I am now “That Fan”, you know, the one showing up to another team’s game wearing a jersey of a team not even playing?  Guilty as charged!  I get a fair share of strange looks from Kings fans, that is until they see my sign.

Go ahead…zoom in on that sign, see what I’m really saying.

I am accepted into the fold and proceed with something I am well versed in as a Caps fan, rooting against the Rangers in a playoff series.

Caps Red Rockers, Avert your eyes!

Fun in the LA sun

I’m no Trader!

One of my favorite tweet exchanges was with @BmoreDaveS, a tongue-in-cheek tweet about being a Trader.  A long running joke on a misspelling a number of people seem to make when meaning to say Traitor but tweet Trader.

After a lot of driving, I’m home and the Kings won!  PARTY!!

What a good day! Was great to be outside for a Stanley Cup Finals game.  It made one thing very clear, when the Caps make it to the Stanley Cup, I’m coming back to DC for the entire series and hanging out for every game with the best fans in the NHL!  Thanks to the LA Kings for letting me bask in the glow of their festivities.  This was the last game for me this season, anywhere.


Well, if you haven’t seen, I am committed to going to the Winter Classic!  Plans are being made, driving will be done, cookies WILL be eaten, and I’ll be back in DC late December to try and crash as many venues as dogging possible before coming back to San Diego.  I’ll post a better timeline once we are close to the Winter Classic!

Psst, hey Caps, how about letting me INSIDE again?  I don’t need a seat, just let me roam the field around the rink….just an idea ;)

Bark at you soon!

Licks and slobber,