Bulldogging in LA: Hollywood and a Caps Game

Posted March 22, 2014

Traffic…traffic as far as the eyes can see! (Photos via Ovie the Bulldog)

Having waged a successful tour at the Anaheim Ducks home ice of the Honda Center, two days later and I’m headed back north to LA. I love my Caps! How much? 4 hours roundtrip into the belly of the beast of what many consider the worst traffic in all the land.

Knowing this, I’m off early so I can see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater, home of the Oscars.

Heads up!

For real, the traffic in LA is BANANAS! (P.S. Thanks Gwen Stefani) It apparently never ends, middle of the day and its wall to wall crawl. But I manage to arrive in Hollywood, ready to see the Walk of Fame, Mann’s Chinese Theater, and Kodak Theater. I work my way through the mall attached to the Kodak Theater on to Hollywood Ave. Walking up to Mann’s Chinese Theater, its shut down for a red carpet premiere of “Cesar Chavez”, I wasn’t invited. Thus I can’t take pictures where I am pretending to put my paws in the concrete with Arnold Schwarzenegger, next time Arnold, I’ll be back!

I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!

I make my way up a few blocks then back, stopping for picture requests along the way, TMZ was not hounding me on who the cute bulldog I was with last night, so no denials needed. I’m actually getting so many picture requests that I’m wondering if Darth Vader, Spider-man, Catwoman, and the other costumed actors are going to demand I join the union.

Taking a break before going to Staples Center

We allow 1 hour, a whole 60 minutes to drive a paltry 6 miles to Staples Center, we depart at 4:30 and arrive at Staples Center at 5:20. Traffic, you are the nightmare in this town.

The Bulldog has landed!

There’s Always One

Outside Staples Center, they have beautiful statues to the LA Sports greats. Magic Johnson, Broadcaster Chick Hearn, Oscar De La Hoya, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wayne Gretzky. For a Kings game, everyone wants a picture in front of The Great One. But tonight, a young man in LA Kings garb and a bandanna across his face has decided he will be in every picture and has taken a seat on the statue platform front and center. Kings fans are asking him to move and he not-so-kindly tells them where they can place their request. So, thankfully a few minutes pass and security not-so-kindly tell him where he can place himself, which is off the premises. Score one for the security!

Back to the main event

I am also front and center in the area in front of the Staples Center. Caps fans are taking immediate notice and coming over to say hi, get a pic, and then get in queue for the game. Even Kings fans cannot deny I am a cute bulldog, albeit in the “wrong jersey”.

I chirp at rabid Kings fan and celeb Will Wheaton and no he did not come pet me:

Rutroh, they know I’m here:

So, the LA Kings Twitter finally catches me out front….and this happens


Well wishes from Bailey, the Kings Mascot:

What a fantastic night, if you exclude the Caps losing in the Shootout, but hey at least 1 point! Seeing all the Caps fans and meeting those who have never seen me or only knew about me via internet is always a great time! To all the Kings fans, you were all unbelievable! You all just loved me for being me, Caps jersey and all! I cannot wait until the Caps play here next!

So, barring a Stanley Cup battle in Anaheim or LA, this may be my last game until next season! I’ll keep blogging as I have new adventures in San Diego, maybe I’ll take in one of those baseball games.

One final picture from the night:

Bark at you all soon!

Licks and slobber,