Behind the Scenes of Mike Green’s Michael & Son Services Commercial

Posted March 19, 2014

Photos courtesy ESB Advertising

“It was a pure pleasure to work with Mike,” said Basim Mansour, owner of Michael & Son Services, Inc., in reference to the taping of a commercial starring Washington Capitals defenseman, Mike Green.

“I’m a huge Caps fan. Choosing him for the role just made sense. He’s hardworking and humble, and we were happy and grateful to have him represent the company. He’s a genuine, nice guy,” added Mansour.

Last June, Green took on the role of “the office enforcer” for an online video advertisement for Michael & Son Services. Serving the Washington metropolitan area for over 30 years, Michael & Son is well known for their expert home service in plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning and, of course, their commercials.

Filmed and edited by Jim Folliard, founder and head cinematographer of Gearshift TV, the commercial was shot on location at the Michael and Son Services office in Virginia. Green appears as himself enlisted by the company to enforce the dos and don’ts of the business at fictitious Michael & Son University. Armed with his hockey stick and speeding around the office on rollerblades, Green makes sure that everyone is following the rules. If not, watch out! The brave and slightly bruised actors in the video are all actual employees. No professional actors were cast for the video.

“It’s like we were just having fun in the office,” said Eiman Bassam, founder of ESB Advertising. Bassam was on the set during the taping last summer. He was struck by Green’s willingness to do whatever was necessary to make the project successful.

“I’ve worked with a lot of professional athletes and sometimes I really don’t know what to expect, but Mike was really down to earth and willing to do anything. He was even adding his own ideas to the script. He’s a real class act,” said Bassam.

The Michael & Son University video was released online in late January and is already approaching 100,000 views on YouTube. It also includes a one minute segment of bloopers from the filming of the video immediately following the ad.

“We’ve had a great response online. People love the bloopers at the end. Most agencies don’t include the bloopers with their finished product, but I’m glad we did,” explained Bassam.

Perhaps there’s a new profession lurking in the future for the popular, handsome athlete. But for now, Green will continue to enforce and defend for the Caps and, hopefully, score a few goals along the way. After all, there’s still a lot of hockey left to play.

Here’s the commercial, including the bloopers, and more photos below.

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Photos courtesy ESB Advertising