Yannick Tifu Bobblehead Review

Posted January 18, 2014

A few months ago, the Reading Royals lost a game to the Fort Wayne Komets, 7-2, but there was still reason to celebrate as captain of the Kelly Cup champs, Yannick Tifu, was immortalized in a bobblehead for the Royals that same night. A review was much needed of this bobblehead and we have finally been able to get one of our own thanks to a little help from Slapshot, the Royals mascot. So let’s take a look at this great bobblehead sponsored by V&M Towing.

Standing about an inch or two shorter than a standard bobblehead, this bobble of Tifu dawns the Royals’ white jersey holding the Kelly Cup in both hands with a big grin on his face. He stands on a white base with the V&M Towing sponsor label on the bottom and his name below it. The detail from the waist down is nice and clean but the real attention grabber is the jersey itself. The name and numbers on the jersey are all raised in order to help them stand out, the Caps logo and Bears logo are on each shoulder, and the Kelly Cup logo and the C for captain are on each corner on the front of the jersey. Also, the Royals logo on the front is flawless, even though it looks to be a sticker, but the detail of that logo is a lot better than that of the Caps. Yannick’s hands are both held up with a spot for the Kelly Cup to rest which, like bobbleheads with hockey sticks, is removable which is most likely the coolest feature of the bobble. The head of the bobble also grabs the looks of Yannick quite well along with the facial hair that matches Yannick’s usual facial hair.


Tifu proudly displays his teams newly acquired hardware


Mini Kelly Cup

Sadly, this is the only Royals bobble this season. This bobble was the first since the Courville bobble back in the 2011-12 season so it was long awaited and hopefully will spark a trend for more Royals bobbles in the future.

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