An Ode to Stretch

Posted November 30, 2013

Brett Leonhardt wears gear while coaching the video. (Photo via the Caps)

Caps video coach Brett “Stretch” Leonhardt has served many roles with the team. He’s been the video-web guy, back-up goalie, DJ, video coach, crash-test-dummy, and during Friday’s 3-2 win against Montreal, back-up goaltender at the same time as being video coach.

Back in 2008, Leonhardt got an opportunity to serve as back-up goaltender because the back-up player, Semyon Varlamov, couldn’t get to the arena on time because Hershey was out of town. Leonhardt took warm-ups for that game and sat on the bench for the first period.

On Friday, when Michal Neuvirth injured himself during warm-ups, Leonhardt suited up in goalie gear, but still had some things to do for his regular video coaching job.

Leonhardt told John Walton that after he heard of Neuvirth’s injury, they made jokes about him suiting up. Then George McPhee had paperwork processed to enable Leonhardt to legally suit up. A trainer had to go to Kettler to get Leonhardt’s equipment. Check out the interview:

Leonhardt, who is 6’7 and about 200 pounds (though listed at 185) wore No. 80 for his first stint with the team, and some fans even went so far as to get his jersey. While 80 was still available, Leonhardt was given No. 35 for this game. His name was on the jersey. Now it’s only a matter of time before someone commemorates that.

Caps celebrate, with Brett Leonhardt in the back (Clyde Caplan)

Caps celebrate, with Brett Leonhardt in the back (without helmet) (Clyde Caplan)

As John Carlson says, Leonhardt is now 2-0 while sitting on the bench.