Little Cap Makes a Splash

Posted March 11, 2013

Once a Little Cap, now a future one?

Hockey enthusiasts in and around Washington D.C. absolutely love their Caps, but did you know that there are other Caps hockey teams in town? Well, move over and shut your beak, Slapshot, because this town has Little Caps, too.

The Washington Little Capitals is an elite Tier 1 hockey organization that began in 1983. Comprised of three divisions; peewee, bantam, and midget, they play in the Atlantic Youth Hockey League/Tier 1 Elite Hockey League and practice at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Many professional hockey players spent their formative years playing for the Little Capitals including Jeremy Roenick and former Washington Capitals captain, Jeff Halpern (while taking up residence on the Caps roster twice during his career, 36-year-old Halpern now plays for the New York Rangers.)

The Washington Little Capitals’ teams are comprised of extraordinary, elite hockey players from all over the country. They come to learn skills that could potentially lead them to a college or professional career as a hockey player. One such hopeful is seventeen year old, Bailey More, from Laytonsville, Md. Wearing number 10 and playing right wing for the Little Capitals U18 team, More started playing youth hockey at the age of four with the Montgomery Youth Hockey Association and never looked back. “My father is a big Caps fan. We’ve always had season tickets. That’s how I first became interested in hockey,” he explained.

More played on a house hockey team as a mite with kids almost twice his age. Due to this unique experience, by the age of seven it became obvious that he needed more of a challenge. “My size has always been an advantage,” said the 6’2”, 210 lb. high school senior. “I always played up on a level higher than my age group. When the other players started to catch up to me in size, I knew I had to sharpen my skills in order to compete. I couldn’t rely on my size anymore.”

And he worked hard. At the age of 8, he and his father built a makeshift ice rink in their backyard. He would practice his skating skills religiously, especially tight turns. It certainly paid off. Before joining the Little Caps two years ago, More played for several prestigious travel hockey organizations, including Team Maryland.

Playing for the Little Caps and his high school hockey team, More is usually on the ice every day of the week, except Friday. But whenever he takes a break, he can be found playing the piano. “I started taking private piano lessons when I was five. I still take lessons and I would love to major in music in college, but I’ll probably have to minor in music in order to play hockey, due to the time commitment.”

After dazzling folks on the ice during a recent away game, More spontaneously began to play the piano to entertain guests in the lobby of the hotel hosting the team that evening. He recalls the fun, “I had a great time! Everybody loved it and I made 50 bucks in tips!”

More is an accomplished pianist and also works as a substitute organist for churches in the Washington D.C. area.

As a busy senior at Glenelg Country School, a private school in Howard County, MD, More has to juggle hockey, school and music. “I take AP classes and my grades are good. Both hockey and music taught me discipline and that has helped me in my studies, especially the connection between music and math.”

What’s in the future for this talented Little Cap? With the help of his coaches, teachers, and a supportive family, his ambition is clear. “Next year, I want to play Junior Ice Hockey, take some courses at a local college and eventually play hockey for a Division 1 school, like Dartmouth or Yale.”
Or future NHL Cap? Well, like the keys on Bailey More’s piano, we’ll just have to stay tuned. At any rate, Halpern, Roenick et al. should be proud.

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