Development Camp Day 2: Spills & Drills

Posted July 10, 2012

Today, the Caps D-Campers got to kick off their day with the time trials portion of the week.  It’s men in coaching gear with clipboards and laser triggers for digital stopwatches – boring and pedestrian stuff, really.  Except for those inevitable moments where a player pushes the laws of physics just that little bit too far, at which point it becomes a golden Kodak Moment.

Case in Point:

Sometimes, there's just no fighting Physics... (All Photos Credit: M. Richter)

During the time trials, things like how fast they can accelerate from a dead stop, how well they can corner, and how solid their edge control are all assessed.  Judging the line between speed and control can be a tricky job, and today’s D-Camp photo collection is dedicated to those times when the prospects remind us they they’re still learning their limits.

Just the Facts: In the afternoon’s scrimmage, Team B (in red) defeated Team A (in white) by a score of 2-1.  Team A scored their lone goal with 0:04 remaining in the final period, after having pulled their goalie.

Author’s Note: Out of respect, we’re not attaching names to any of these images.  Every prospect who took a hard landing got back up and either tackled the trial successfully or got right back into the play during the scrimmage.  These pictures are for entertainment, not humiliation.  There are a few photos at the end from the scrimmage in general – those include informative captions.

A member of Team A expresses frustration with his horizontal state during the afternoon's scrimmage.

On occasion, losing one's footing provides for an improved tactical position. Nathan Walker is demonstrating that theory.

When you're a 6' 6" goalie like Scott Darling, falling is not only allowed, sometimes it's actively encouraged.

Barry Almeida, who played briefly with Hershey this spring, demonstrates the serious side of the Time Trials.

Also Included: The Epic Faces of Concentration

The best way to tackle a crossover: Head On.

For the Record: Defensemen were not the only ones with Concentration Faces.

More traditional photography from the day’s time trials & scrimmages can be found on the author’s Flickr Account.  The collection will be updated over the next 48 hours.