Feliz Cumpleaños Matt Hendricks!

Posted June 17, 2012

Matt Hendricks displays some of his vaunted flexibility (Photo Courtesy of Alena Schwarz)

I love Matt Hendricks. So gritty and gutty. He’s like that kid you knew in Little League that wasn’t very good, but he worked hard and always managed to do something to help the team.  Sometimes it was getting beamed by a pitch and then being knocked in for the winning run.  Sometimes it was making sure that the kid who wasn’t feeling well stayed away from your Gatorade and didn’t touch the bats.

So what do you get for a guy who had so many great moments this year, not the least of which were the birth of his kids and making Tim Thomas look silly?

What do you get for a man who essentially replaced Matt Bradley?  Since I’m not sure what ranks higher than a professor, here’s a department chair for the new whatever-ranks-higher-than-a-professor:


To my knowledge, Matt Hendricks is of no relation to TV star Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame). But since they share a surname, I propose that they should also share a chest size, since Matt needs an upgrade to hold that giant heart of his:

Finally, a pledge from me personally: Someday, my wife and I plan on getting a dog. It may not be for a while, since our cat doesn’t get along well with other animals, but from this day forward, I pledge to name a dog we own “Mutt Hendricks.”  I can think of no higher honor.

“No Catt Hendricks?”  “I am depressed and ashamed.”

Sorry, Fez.

Enjoy your birthday, Mr. Hendricks.  31 Great Years & Counting.