Caps Fans Take It to the Streets

Posted May 5, 2012

Let’s face it, Playoffs are one long, drawn out, high-stress party.  When you add Cinco de Mayo to the mix on the day of a non-elimination game (the series currently stands 2-1 in favor of the Rangers), what you get is less stress and more party.  It’s a good look on F Street.

A semi-official inline scrimmage took place next to Verizon Center before the game (all photos credit: M. Richter).

The festivities included everything that fans have come to expect of pre-game street entertainment: Red Rockers with free temporary tattoos, stilt-walkers, and a giant inflatable Slapshot.  The gorgeous weather also facilitated an inline hockey scrimmage orchestrated by the Caps and featuring team-endorsed Jersey Fouls:

The jerseys read "Let's Go Caps," the skaters are members of the UMCP hockey team.

In addition to the action on the street, both Caps and Rangers fans brought the holiday inside, with many a sombrero in evidence on the concourse.  Regardless on the outcome of today’s game, it’s safe to say that tequila will be required by both sides of the fan divide – for celebration, and mourning.  Double the amount for anyone forced to deal with Metro today.

A Holtby fan rocks the red in a big way.

Update: The Caps won 3-2 in regulation. Cue the celebratory margaritas!  Images from the pre-game & warmups can be found here on the author’s flickr.

Fact: Sombrero Karma only works if the hat has your team colours.