Capitals Playoff Confections Exposé

Posted April 24, 2012

As Uncle Ted would say… lots of pixels have been written about the Capitals vs. Bruins and what needs to happen in the upcoming Game 7. Our own Jeff K. has even taken fingers to keyboard to express why he thinks Dmitry Orlov should be in the lineup in Beantown. But while everyone else is analyzing the game on the ice, I’ve become distracted by the culinary staff at Verizon Center upping their game off it.

Oh yes, just in time for the Playoffs, the Acela Club (and presumably the buffet in the basement) has begun serving Capitals themed Cookies and Cup Cakes. The little confectionery creating elves have been quite busy, producing a treat to amaze! Which reminds me of a time before GPS, when as a child I rode with my mom as she searched for a particular cookie store. Apparently I wasn’t much help, as I was keeping a keen eye out for the Keebler Tree, where I presumed cookies were both made and sold by Elves. But I digress, back to the desserts of the moment.

The cookies appeared to be of the gingerbread variety (in honor of Cody Eakin) at first glance in the low light, but were actually chocolate chip, much to my delight. The cup cakes were, what else,  Rocking Red Velvet. They contained a layer of icing that has been printed with edible logos, both the regular logo, and the alternate (and much preferred by me) Weagle. There is one problem though, as pointed out by a loyal subject, Stephanie Gaulding,  via Twitter :

Being the intrepid reporter that I am, I immediately consulted with a Trained Cake Decorator for the answer. Ok, it was my wife who was at the game with me, but I swear Wilton gave her a certificate for taking the class, I’ve seen it! Apparently the graphic is printed on fondant icing, which is particularly useful for cake decorators, and despised by cake eaters.

The Cup Cakes actually had a cream cheese based icing (instead of butter cream, which I much prefer) and then had a little disc of fondant containing the logo stuck on top. The Cookies had a large fondant logo apparently glued on with some other type of icing. I must admit I removed the logo before eating the cookie, but not before getting some sweet photos, which is really the point anyways. If you’ve ever attempted to take photos of the dessert table at a buffet, you would understand the risks I took to bring these images to you :

[nggallery id=4]

Further research has indicated that some woman named “Mrs. Fields” is willing to deliver some Capitals Cookies to your home, but it may be too late to have them for Game 7. Instead you will probably have to make them yourself. So in the interest of inspiration, we provide this small gallery of fan created Capitals Confections we’ve found on the web. Enjoy, and Let’s Go Caps!

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