Spring Puck Surprise Winners Meet Mike Green

Posted March 25, 2012

From left: Simmons, Stein, Lamberg, Mike Green, Eagan and Dalmut. (Photos by Caps Outsider)

It was a good day for five lucky fans as they watched the Caps shut out Minnesota, 3-0, then headed downstairs to hang with defenseman Mike Green after the game. The Capitals held their annual Spring Puck Surprise fundraiser Sunday, taking $40 donations to benefit Caps’ charities in exchange for autographed pucks. Of the 455 pucks sold (with Hershey’s Kisses!), 450 were signed by Caps players, but five of them simply had a WINNER sticker on them.

The winners:
Jason Stein, of St. Mary’s County, Md.
Level of excitement for meeting Mike Green: 9 or 10 out of 10.

Kevin Dalmut, of Springfield, Va.
Excitement level: 52/10 (get it? 52?)

Barbra Eagan, of Baltimore.
Excitement level: 10/10

Keith Lamberg, of Chicago, who flew in for the weekend to watch the Caps and proud owner of the Caps Canine Calendar which features Green.
Excitement level: 11/10

Christiane Simmons, 15, of Waldorf, Md.
Excitement level: 100/10. She wins for being the most excited.

Green with Spring Puck Surprise winner Simmons.