Dmitri Orlov Gets Used to His New Face Shield

Posted February 7, 2012

"This thing is itchy." (All photos by Caps Outsider)

Defenseman Dmitri Orlov broke his nose the other day before taking another puck to the face, and is now skating with a full-cage face shield.

Here are photos of his warm-ups and fake quotes about what he is thinking.

"Guys, I can still see. Pass the puck!"

"Ugh. I have to look down to see puck."

"I pretend to be Hannibal Lector. FTTTFTTFTTT."

"In Soviet Russia... we all pretty much lived this way."

"Forgot, can't make snot rockets through this."

"Some idiot blogger is going to make fun of me."

"Pass the damn puck!"

Get well, soon, Dmitri!

We so funny.